Instructor training Course

Do you want to turn your Passion to your Job?

Do you like a Simple and Safe training system?

Do you like to join a Network supporting you all time? Do you agree that “Made in Italy” is a quality warranty in Diving activities?

Let’s sign up to your Instructor Training Course (ITC).

How it work?

  • Classroom or on-line knowledge about Communication skills to learn how teach  knowledge lessons, briefing and de-briefing for all ISDA Courses.
  • Practical sessions in water to learn how to teach all skills that your Students will have to practice in them courses.
  • Knowledge and skills final Exam to complete your ISDA Diving Instructor License.


Which Prerequisites are needed to join an ITC?

  • 18 years old
  • Bls and Oxygen Provider Licenses
  • Isda Divemaster License or equivalent


How much time it takes?

  • 7 days in a week or 3 week-end, even not in a row. ITC could be also customizable.

What about Final Exam (IE)?

  • 2 Days Evaluation under ISDA Examiner supervision.
  • Date and Locations are decided by ISDA Central Training Department to meet Candidates requirement



  • Inside any ISDA ITC Center.
  • Anywhere a Classroom and Confined water area to make skills are available

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