Specialty Instructor

ISDA is proud to announce Special Courses (not just Specialty Courses) made with cooperation of most important trainers in all sectors:

  • DECO DIVER 40 E DECO DIVER 47: Recreational level Courses give to Instructors and Students knowledge and skills about Decompression to deeper dive.
  • GAS BLENDER: To fill tanks mixing breathable gasses.
  • HP COMPRESSOR OPERATOR: To Filling Stations Workers.
  • PARASUB: Handicap Divers license and Buddy License
  • CIVIL PROTECTION: To work in Civil Protection
  • ARCHEO SUB: Under supervision of Italian archeological Authority with Underwater Stages to work on real Archeological dive sites.
  • ISDA RANGER: To Environmental protection Divers to learn monitoring and costal protection


How to be Specialty Instructor:

  • Be certified like diver in same Specialty
  • 1 or 2 days Course with an ISDA Specialty Trainer


  • Inside any ISDA ITC Center.
  • Anywhere a Classroom and Confined water area to make skills are available

How it works?

Instructor Evaluation (IE) by ISDA Central Training Department is not required. ISDA Trainer will process license in the end of Course

Could I make Specialty Crossover?

Yes when ISDA Standards and your old Training Agency Standards are the same. If Standards are not the same you will follow an update by an ISDA Trainer to be certified same level.

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